Apple iPad Coming Soon

Apple has now set the date for the release of the iPad in the U.S and the U.K for April. The Wi-Fi version will be released on the 3rd in the U.S and in late April for the U.K but the 3G model will be released in late April for both countries. Apple have now released a video all about the iPad, which debuted at the Oscars.

There has been a lot of hype and news coverage about the iPad since it was announced by Apple in January but not everyone was impressed especially some of the big name companies.

Basically the iPad is just like an over sized iPod Touch with a sleek black screen and a thin profile, which still makes it appealing for the potential users. Users of the iPhone will be used to its functionality and use of finger swipes and jabs to navigate the applications.

With the larger screen of 9.7 inches it will feel more satisfying and easier to see everything on screen. Surfing the web is easily accomplished, video playback is smooth and the games are handled pretty well. Applications made for the iPhone can also be used on the iPad but since the screen is much larger, users will notice pixellation because the application has to fill the screen.

Apple iPad

The iPad will be ideal for people who want a simple browsing experience around the home and all round entertainment while on the move. For people who browse the internet for more than just videos will be disappointed as the iPad does not support Flash and probably never will.

This could mean that anyone wanting to develop sites for the iPad will have to use an alternative to Flash such as jQuery or HTML5 and it’s possible that Flash will be used less on websites overall.

Another disadvantage of the iPad is the lack of running more than one application at a time so users can’t listen to music while browsing their favourite sites or while playing a game, but that never stopped the iPhone becoming popular.

Even though the iPad lacks some functionality that might be expected by everyone it has been predicted that about 4 million will be sold worldwide in the first year. It will appeal to people who want an easy way to browse the internet, listen to music or view videos and photos without a complicated interface used on PCs.

Click to see a spoof advert about the iPad.