Bing Vs Google

Over the past 10 years Google has acquired quite a grip on the search engine market, leading the majority market share for quite a while now. With severe popularity and brand awareness Google has put itself in such a strong position it’s almost impossible to compete.

A few competitors including Yahoo and MSN Live search have really struggled to keep up with the dominance of Google and seen a constant decrease of user percentages and month to month growth in the last few years.

Introducing Bing

Bing is Microsoft’s freshest attempt at a search engine and is to replace Live Search and MSN Search. Since the release of the search engine there has been quite a fuss about the development and improvements Microsoft have made as it seems a real push is being made to make an attempt on the Google ‘Crown’.

New improvements such as the 3D Street View Maps which I believe is on its way out of Beta has seen richer user experience and a smoother magnification on buildings within 3D landscapes and the possibility of data mapping which allows geolocation to appear live on maps. For Example, a tweet on twitter could provide your location on the map from where you tweeted.

Take a look at the two in a .

With such a push in development and the user experience I have also spotted quite a few differences between the two in search engine algorithms, some of which I may post about at a later date.

Overall, all of the teams work on Bing behind the scenes seems to be paying off and the popularity of Bing is ever increasing. A report from Neilsen Mega View Search on the top search providers for August shows the following:

Grid by .

As you can see Bing is really starting to gain momentum but it will be sometime before it seriously competes for the top spot, however I imagine Google are without doubt looking over there shoulder.

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