Facebook Fan Pages (Part 1)

The Benefits and How to Set One Up

I’ve been on Facebook for sometime now, after finally giving into my friends and family’s nagging (Feel free to ). Back then I didn’t realise the potential Facebook offers to businesses both large or small. The web is buzzing at the minute with the importance of Facebook to business. This is because Facebook has had a recent redesign focusing highly on its search box, which puts it in competition with the likes of Google and other search engines.

Facebook Fan Page

The benefits of having a presence on Facebook are obvious, with over 400 million users (1 in 4 people in the UK are on Facebook) – there are a lot of potential clients for your business. Facebook is also the website people spend the most time on (people spend close to 6 hours a month on Facebook – thats more than 3 times longer than people spend on Google!)

Having a Facebook group is now becoming a necessity for any business and getting people to become your fan is even more important. There can be some confusion about whether to setup a profile, group or page. A profile isn’t advisable as it is only accessible by people you are already friends with – it should be your personal presence on Facebook. A group is used primarily to galvanise an idea or show support to a common belief or opinion – best shown for example in the in the UK and numerous others.

For a business the best solution is to create a page which enables you to keep in touch with and interact with clients and attract potential ones. The aim is to get people to become a ‘fan’ of your business, once they have done this they can suggest your business to their friends and most importantly; any content you promote on your Facebook will appear in their news feed (example below).

News Feed

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Obviously to create a Facebook Fan Page you will need a Facebook profile. Once logged in go to another Fan page () and on the left column at the very bottom, click on Create a Page for My Business

Create a Page

Choose which Area best describes your business, and fill out Name of Page and click Create Page. Now you have your own Facebook Fan Page.

Create your Page

Now your Facebook Page is created you can begin to fill out the information about your business – click on the Info tab and select Edit information, fill out the boxes and click Finished editing. You can add photos by click on the Photos tab, Create a Photo Album and upload photos from your computer.

Blank Page

Finally to personalise your page it’s important to change your pages’s main picture. Click on the question mark in the top left corner, click Change Profile picture and upload a copy of your company’s logo, check the thumbnail version and click Save Thumbnail Version. At the top click go back to your Fan Page. You can also write something about yourself by click the link on the left – perhaps you web address, twitter or short description of your business.

Example Fan Page

Now your page is looking how you want, you can suggest it to your existing friends by clicking on the Suggest to friends link on the left of the page. Pick on the people you want to be your fan and click Send invitations.

Suggest to Friends

You can now start posting content onto your Wall by filling out the What’s on your mind? box – it’s important to regularly do this to keep your page up to date, attract more fans and keep them coming back again and again.

The more Fans you have the better and once you have 100 fans you can choose you own vanity URL eg. facebook.com/mybusinessname

To get one for your group go to

Part 2 Coming Soon! Facebook Tabs – Take Your Fan Page to the Next Level!

To take your Facebook Fan Page to the Next Level, keep an eye out for my next post on Facebook Tabs – to give your Facebook Fan Page the professional edge!

Fan Page Tabs - Coming Soon!