Facebook Fan Pages (Part 2)

Facebook Tabs – How to and Showcase

Following on from my previous post on , I’m going to show you how to create your very own tab on Facebook using FBML. You may have noticed recently that many companies are creating their own tabs on their Facebook Fan Pages. These are used to promote products, give extra information about the company, but it can be used for literally anything.

In my example I will create a simple ‘About Me’ tab, explaining just how wonderful I am!

First I create a very simple HTML document in Dreamweaver (or any other HTML creator)

Everything you do when you’re designing your Tab has to be sourced externally and you can’t assign title or body tags but apart from that you can do anything you can think of.


Here is the Code I’ll be using:

The Code

Now it’s time to create the tab for our group. Search for Static FBML, click on the application and under the logo click Add to my Page…


…choose the button Add to my page next to your page.


You’ll now be taken back to your page, on the left click on Edit Page. Under the heading Application you’ll see FBML, click on the Edit Button.

Edit Application

Give Your Box a Title – this will be the name of your tab. Paste in the code from your HTML document and click Save Changes.


Now click on the link back to your page in the top left of the screen.

Finally on your page click on the Plus icon on the right of your Tabs and select the Tab you have created. You can now drag it along your tabs to make it more visible.


If you want to display your Tab in the left column on your Wall, click on the tab Boxes and click on the Pencil icon on the top right corner of your box and choose Move to Wall tab and you’ll get something like this…

Wall Tab

Check out the example here:

Not only do these tabs look really professional, they are great for promoting your products and services. Why not try using flash, adding interactive features like a contact form, the possibilities are endless. Have a look at some of the examples below for inspiration.


Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine have gone for a simple clean style to promote their new book (which is excellent by the way).

adidas Originals
.Adidas use flash to create an entire browsing experience within their facebook tab.

Gap have created a few tabs on their Facebook page to direct users onto the main Gap website.

Starbucks has a nice little map which directs people to their other country specific Facebook page.

Sunkist Soda not only show streaming video on their tab but allow you to submit your own via a form.

Movies like The Twilight Saga are also getting in on the act.

Why not choose your next car via Facebook?

Mountain Dew
A strong, vibrant design by mountain Dew