Google Redesign

In the past few days Google have been making some improvements to their search results to offer easier access to the content that is searched for and the cleaner look of the results page will make results easier to see if you have a smaller screen.

New Google Logo

All the links that previously took users to maps, images and videos at the top of the page have been given a make over and will be a thing of the past. Google have now decided to show these links in a column on the left-hand side of the page, which will be permanently shown on all searches.

The left-hand links will be emphasised more with the use of strong colours and the logo will be getting a make over that drops the shadow and brightens the colours.

As for the actual search results themselves, Google has changed the way search refinements and tools appear on the left-hand side of the search results page. Searching for ‘rolling stones’ will then bring up more relevant results, which can then easily be viewed by the type of content such as books, news, videos and even blogs.

USGoogle Results

There will be another change that only appears on, which is a heading called ‘something different’. This will be triggered when a search is performed and underneath it there will be a few results that are related to each particular search.

USGoogle Results

Google started rolling out these changes a few days ago so many users will already see the new look and start to use the new search features.

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