Why Google Chrome is better than Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used browsers today and since it was released about 10 years ago, millions of users across the world have downloaded and installed it. Features such as extensions, tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker and a search box were introduced when Firefox was released.

We used to be dedicated Firefox users for years as we never liked Internet Explorer and thought that Firefox was the best browser until we discovered Google Chrome then we decided to make the switch over to Chrome.

We made the switch to Chrome as the newest version of Firefox was just too slow to load and it kept freezing up on us every so often which got annoying but with Chrome, everything loads up much faster and we haven’t had any problems since.

Here are some reasons why Chrome is better than Firefox:

Faster loading:

Chrome starts up a lot quicker compared to Firefox and it takes up less resources which also helps with the speed of using Chrome.

Automatic updates:

This feature of Chrome is very convenient as the updates are automatic and don’t require any intervention from users. With Firefox you have to manually install each update. Automatic updates are very important for web browsers which is why this is a great feature.

Better Web Standards:

Chrome’s compliance for web standards is at 99% compared to Firefox which is about 80% making Chrome better for web design.


This is the main reason we moved to Chrome because Firefox would crash when trying to open any website. With Chrome, we can access all websites without it crashing all the time. The reason why Chrome is more stable is because it has a separate memory process for each tab. If a tab does crash, it will only affect that tab and won’t crash the entire browser.

Chrome Developer Tools:

With Chrome, there is no need to install an extension to be able to inspect elements and make on-the-fly changes to the coding of a website. Chrome developer tools allow web developers to inspect each element of a home page, see what javascript is causing errors, make changes to live code and so much more.

Google Chrome is becoming more and more popular than Firefox due to the better add on compatibility and the reasons above, so if you haven’t made the switch already we would highly recommend you do so you can enjoy the features and benefits of Chrome.

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