WordPress 3.0 Features

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms for web developers and web designers all over the world. With its simple installation and user-friendly user interface it is used on all the popular design related blogs.

wordpress 3 WordPress 3.0 Features

With the release of WordPress 3.0 coming next month, bloggers can look forward to some new and improved features that will make creating a blog more efficient including improved security, menu management and improved multi site blogging.

In this article I will be highlighting some of the most anticipated features that users can look forward to in WordPress 3.0.

Create your own username and password

As with all previous versions of WordPress you had to be stuck with the default admin username and randomly generated password when installing WordPress. This will no longer happen in version 3 because now you will be able to choose your own username and password straight after installation, which greatly improves the security from the start meaning you never have to worry about removing the admin username.

Better Menu Management

This feature will have drag and drop functionality to combine links, categories and pages. It will also give users the option to re-order, hide certain pages or categories from the menu and create submenus. This will definitely be a very good feature, as it will make creating menus easier and quicker for all types of users.

Custom Post Types

With previous WordPress installations you could only create pages and posts to a blog. With this new feature you will now be able to create any type of content you want making WordPress more of a CMS allowing for unlimited possibilities for developers.

WP-MU Merged With WordPress

WordPress MU allows users to run multiple blogs sites under one installation. In version 3 WP-MU will now be merged into WordPress making it easier for bloggers to run multiple blogs and sites under a single installation without worrying about plugins breaking. This will make it much easier to look after large WordPress networks.

New Default Theme

WordPress 3.0 will now be bundled with a brand new default theme called TwentyTen, which will feature a cleaner design, a calendar, multiple widget areas and built in dropdown menus. Other features include custom backgrounds and custom headers. This will give WordPress users more options to try before deciding to use a new theme.


From the features I have highlighted here, we can see that WordPress is rapidly evolving into a much more powerful CMS and I can’t wait to try out the new features when it gets released as a full version in May.

If you would like to try out these features and more before the final release date then you can the beta version from the official WordPress site, but keep in mind that it is still unstable and only recommended for testing.

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