Tutorial 2 – Adding A Language Pack To Magento

Today we will be taking you through how to install a language pack in magento so you can change the language to whatever language you might require. For this guide we will be installing the language pack for UK English which will change all the default American spellings to UK spellings.

The first thing we need to do is download the En_GB (British) language pack, which you can download from this link . The main difference is that CART and TAX will be translated to BASKET and VAT.

To download other language packs, you can visit the following link to find language packs for different countries.

The most important thing to remember is that these language packs are not a translation service โ€“ they only replace the phrases that can be changed using the inline translation service. However they do save a lot of time and effort. Also these translations are never going to be 100% and as Magento evolves the translation csv will have to be amended as well.

When you have downloaded a language pack and extracted the zip file it will create a folder (en_GB for UK) and a file called translate.csv inside that folder. The next step is to put the folder containing this file into the correct locale folders. This will need to be done in the following locations:


and also into your theme directory


This will then apply the translations.

Hopefully this will help anyone who is struggling with the translations in magento. You can also add other languages to another ‘website’ in your magento store. All you will need to do is change the store view default language and it should be fine.

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