Tutorial 1 Magento The Beginning

We are going to have tutorials in how to skin a Magento shop and customise it to work for you. We are going to talk about how we would go about customising a Magento shop for our clients. This should give you the basics which will help you grasp the fundamentals not make you an expert overnight.

The first stage is to find suitable hosting package which will enable you to host a Magento shop and have great speed and the power not to discourage new customers from purchasing a product from your website. We use a company called Nubule which are great and provide a one click Magento installer to easily install Magento to the specified domain of your choice. Nublue is an award winning hosting company which we found to be reliable and great in providing help and support.

Once you have successfully installed Magento on your server then using a program like Dreamweaver you can start working on the files which will enable you to customise Magento. The two folder that you need to work with are the App and the Skin folder.

1. We will use a theme called “Modern Theme” as our base theme which we will duplicate the folder and rename in the App folder and Skin folder.

To find the Modern Theme please direct yourselves to this location and copy the folder and rename it to something more relevant.

The Modern Theme in the App folder is located – app/design/frontend/default/modern

The Modern Theme in the Skin folder is located – skin/frontend/default/modern

Once you have copied these two folders and renamed them to something more relevant then upload them to the server. Remember both of the folders need to be identical, one controls the pages , layout, navigation etc. Whilst the Skin folder controls the CSS and contains the image folder.

The next step would be to go into your dashboard and go to System > Design and then click on Add Design Change.

Here you will be able to select the design folder you have created and should mirror the Modern theme.

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