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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

As i have been asked to do a presentation to 14 companies at a breakfast meeting tomorrow morning in Bristol I thought it would be a good idea to review some of my clients performances to make sure that I am doing the best possible job for them on their SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) in Bristol searches.

As all of the companies that I will be presenting too have expressed a need for Better Web Results, then I wanted to be able to demonstrate clients that are already doing Very Very Well.

As a company we specialise in getting clients very high on Page 1 of Google, which of course means we are driving lots of relevant traffic and therefore new business to their websites.

I will be able to demonstrate fantastic results to them because I have clients right at the very top of Page 1 of Google for a whole variety of businesses from Double Glazing installers to Specialist Car Body Repairs, from Air Conditioning to Credit Management, and from Kitchen Appliances to Electrical Services.We also have clients at the top for Drainage Services,Secure Self Storage, and Cooker Repairs.

Although I cover all of South Wales and the South West, Bristol is a very important area for me as my clients get a huge response from coming up prominantly on Page 1 of Google in Bristol.

Added to this if they have a great Website Design as well then the two things together can mean much Bigger and Better Web Results.

Tomorrows meeting will be the first of many where companies have decided to come along and hear what we have to say about getting them better results from the internet, and with the results mentioned above I am looking forward to showing them what we can do.



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