6 jQuery Plugins For A Better Website

jQuery is becoming very popular with web designers as it allows them to add a lot more functionality to a website without the need for large files. There is a vast range of plugins including image galleries, content sliders, accordions, modal windows and much more.

Here is a collection of some handy jQuery plugins that you might want to use for your next website design.

Coda Slider

This is a plug-in to allow you to display blocks of content horizontally on a website using a slider. It can be fully configured to fit any website using CSS to change the speed and direction of the sliding.

coda slider jquery 6 jQuery Plugins For A Better Website


This tool allows you to display notices, dialogs and modal windows in the browser window. It’s a very flexible and tiny script, which can make a good base for a general-purpose windowing framework. The styling and layout is all controlled with HTML and CSS.

jqmodal jquery 6 jQuery Plugins For A Better Website

Style Switcher

The style switcher allows visitors to choose a style sheet they want to view a site with. This is more of a fun plugin and good for portfolio sites where designers want to show off their skills. Visit the tutorial site for source code and a demo.

style switcher jquery 6 jQuery Plugins For A Better Website

UI Accordion

The UI Accordion plugin consists of a series of containers for web content to show or hide different parts of content under different headings. All of the containers are closed apart from one and clicking each heading will display one box of content at a time. This is good for a website with lots of content but doesn’t need to be shown all at once.

accordion jquery 6 jQuery Plugins For A Better Website

Simple Toggle

This is similar to the accordion plugin but can be used as a single box to hide content and then display it when a button is clicked. Very useful to hide content on a website to save space and stop pages from becoming too long to read.

toggle jquery 6 jQuery Plugins For A Better Website


jCarousel is a very useful plugin for displaying lots of images in a small area. Can display images horizontally or vertically with the option to scroll back and forth. This plugin is very versatile and can be easily configured.

jcarousel jquery 6 jQuery Plugins For A Better Website

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