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Before CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) became an industry standard, many website designers were using tables to style websites in HTML or using CSS to style up the HTML tables.

CSS is now an industry standard for styling web sites and the styling such as colour, font and layout, is controlled on one single CSS Style sheet. Many web designers now use CSS along with DIVs to build websites, which also reduces HTML code and makes it much easier to read.

Whether you are looking to learn CSS or just want to improve your skills, I have compiled a list of some of the best CSS resources that will help you develop your CSS skills.

CSS Basics

css basics CSS Web Design Resources

CSS Basics covers all the basics of CSS design and is ideal for anyone who is just getting into CSS and even designers who are already familiar with it. There are plenty of chapters, which go into detail about every CSS element with example code.

W3 Schools

w3 css CSS Web Design Resources

W3 Schools offers tutorials for basic and advanced CSS developers in a range of categories all with example code and interactive demonstrations, which allows users to edit the code and see the results. This site will definitely help anyone learn everything about CSS.


html dog css CSS Web Design Resources

This site has lots of tutorials for basic, intermediate and advanced CSS users along with a reference for all CSS properties. Tutorials cover the bare essentials of CSS all the way up to advanced page layouts. There are also live examples of the topics covered in the tutorials so user can see how the code works.

CSS Play

css play CSS Web Design Resources

CSS Play is another great site for learning CSS with a massive collection of tips and tutorials for menus, layouts and much more with demonstrations. All the demos show the supporting CSS and HTML code for use in your own website.

Smashing Magazine

smashing magazine css CSS Web Design Resources

This site is the best known among web designers and developers all across the world with its constant updates with all kinds of great resources. The CSS section is always updated with new tips and tutorials to help CSS users of any level.

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