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A modal window is essentially a popup window that is displayed above a webpage. They are often used to display larger versions of thumbnail pictures and video, they can also be used to show Flash content and additional text that wouldn’t be appropriate on the main page. They are not only great for a users experience but keep the user on the page for longer which is beneficial for your website design.


lightbox1 5 Lightbox / Web Design


Lightbox is the standard modal window. I use this myself as it easy to install and use. It is easy to group images for users to browse by clicking on the next and previous buttons. The screen fades to black to give focus to the image.


lightbox2 5 Lightbox / Web Design


Fancy Box has become an increasingly popular modal window for designers. It uses classic black icons with a simple white border and drop shadow. You can also display other media such as youtube videos and other webpages.


lightbox3 5 Lightbox / Web Design


ColorBox is a lightweight customisable lightbox. As the appearance is controlled through the CSS you are able to restyle the box to your liking. It preloads background and upcoming images and also generates W3C valid XHTML and CSS.


lightbox4 5 Lightbox / Web Design

prettyPhoto is a jQuery based lightbox clone. It works with all media, such as Flash, iFrames and of course images. Impressively it can be launched from anywhere including Flash.


lightbox5 5 Lightbox / Web Design


Facebox is Facebook style lightbox that can dispaly images, video or whole webpages. It uses the compact jQuery library unlike Lightox which uses Prototype.

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