Magento Template Path Hints

Magento is a complex shopping cart tool and finding your way around its deep file structure is never an easy task. This is where a very handy Magento feature comes in called Template Path Hints.

magento logo Magento Template Path Hints

What Are Template Path Hints?

Template path hints are small tags which appear on the frontend of the shop and enable you to see exactly where the code for each element is stored in the file structure. These save developers a lot of time and frustration when they need to edit the structure of an ecommerce shop.

Turning Them On

To enable template path hints, you need to login to the admin panel of your site then go to System > Configuration and change the Current Configuration Scope to Main Website. Once you have done this, scroll down the page and click Developer. Then click Debug, select Yes next to Template Path Hints and click Save Config. Now go back the frontend of your shop and refresh the page to see the template path hints.

Your page will now look like this image below:

magento path hints Magento Template Path Hints

When you have template path hints on you will see that the site looks a mess with all the red boxes but enabling these will make your Magento development a lot easier.

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