Magento: Translate Inline

Magento can be tricky to edit and sometimes you need to be able to edit text quickly without having to locate all the files inside the Magento code. For instance, you might want to change My Cart to My Basket or translate the text into your own native language.

Luckily there is an option built into Magento, which is called Translate Inline. This allows users to make instant text changes in a Magento store quickly and easily without having to spend hours going through the internal code.

To enable Translate Inline, log in to the admin area of the Magento shop then go to System, Configuration and then Developer. Then select Yes for Translate Inline for the Frontend and click Save Config.

Magento Translate Inline

Once you have done that, go back the frontend of your shop and refresh the page. Now you will notice that a few bits of text will have a red dashed box around them.

Magento Translate Inline

To edit any of them, move your mouse cursor over one and you will see a little book icon. Click the book icon and a lightbox style window will pop up. Change the text to what you would like it to say and then click Submit. Then you will need to refresh the page to see the text changes. If your Magento site is in other languages, make sure to tick Store View Specific so that the other languages won’t be affected.

Magento Translate Inline

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