How to Import Products in Magento Tutorial

Here at Web Design GM we have developed many e-commerce websites for clients who have vast quantities of products they want to import on their new Magento website. The trouble with the native Magento import and export feature is that if you are importing over a 500 products then you may have issues with the following:

  • Edit the .htaccess file and increase the PHP memory.
  • Products may take a long time to upload.
  • Reindexing can take forever if you have loads of products in Magento.
  • If the format of the of a particular product in the .CSV is incorrect then none of the products will be imported until the format of all of the products in 100% correct.
  • You need to map the columns exactly how Magento likes to imports products there is no flexibility and it is very rigid and frustrating that they have not addressed this issue.
  • You can not import images so if you have 1000′s of products then you would have to manually upload images to all of the products.
  • You can not create categories on the fly or attributes so you will have to either create them programatically or manually create them which can take forever if you have many categories or attributes to create.

Fortunately for everyone we have a something which can help with all of the above and some. Sebastien Bracquemont aka Dweeves has developed a software which has really changed the way we import or export products. is a software which is extracted to the root of your Magento folder and it accesses your database and imports products at “lighting speeds”. Some of Magmi’s feature are the following:

  • Direct SQL Magento product import.
  • Advance features, flexible CSV formats, value replacer and much more.
  • Configurable products are allowed to be imported.
  • Tier pricing can be imported.
  • Create categories on the fly.
  • There is more features listed on their website.

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