Quick Tip 11 – WP Theme Development

As we begin a new week I would like to focus on a new subject, that subject will be Wordpress.

I will continue to provide quick tips that I think you might find useful or tips that I have certainly found useful anyway. Wordpress without doubt is one of the best blogging and CMS tools that is opensource. So here is my first tip taking us from CSS to Wordpress, theme ownership.

One thing you must do when creating a theme for Wordpress is provide the ownership details. This is what you need to put into your CSS file.
Quick Tip Gary

Theme Name: Rose
Theme URI: the-theme's-homepage
Description: a-brief-description
Author: your-name
Author URI: your-URI
Template: use-this-to-define-a-parent-theme--optional
Version: a-number--optional
General comments/License Statement if any.

This will then be visible within the theme selection area in your appearance tab. Keep following us our subscribe to our feed to keep up to date.