Really Useful WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a great blogging platform and it does everything a user could want and much more, but there are thousands of plugins available in the WordPress community and new plugins are being released every day. There are many plugins, which are very useful to help improve a blog and then there are some, which aren’t as useful.

In this post I have listed a selection of some really useful WordPress plugins that are probably essential for any blog and will give your readers a better experience.


Flutter is a CMS plugin for WordPress, which simplifies content management and focuses on easy templating for developers. It achieves this by creating custom write panels, which can be fully customised such as radio buttons, checkboxes and image uploads.

flutter wordpress Really Useful Wordpress Plugins

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a plugin, which creates the integration between a Twitter account and a WordPress blog. It allows users to pull tweets from Twitter into their blog and lets them create new tweets on blogs and within WordPress. It can also create daily and weekly digests from tweets, download tweets and archive tweets from Twitter.

twitter wordpress Really Useful Wordpress Plugins


This plugin is very good for protecting your WordPress blog from spam comments and trackbacks. It checks comments on your blog to see if they look like spam and then lets you review the comments in the admin screen of the blog.

akismet wordpress Really Useful Wordpress Plugins

All In One SEO Pack

All in one seo pack allows developers to optimise their WordPress blog for search engines. Some features include the automatic generation of META tags, automatic optimisation of titles, support for CMS installations and the ability to fine tune all of the settings for advanced users.

seopack wordpress Really Useful Wordpress Plugins

Google XML Sitemaps

This will generate a XML sitemap to help the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo index your blog better. A sitemap it’s much easier for the search engines to see the structure of the whole blog and retrieve it. This plugin supports custom URLs and all types of pages generated by WordPress. Another feature is that it will automatically notify the search engines every time a new post is created.

googlexml wordpress Really Useful Wordpress Plugins

WordPress Database Backup

WordPress Database Backup allows users to create backups of their core WordPress tables as well as other tables in the same database. It performs automatic backups and has an option to have all the back up files emailed directly to the user to store on their computer.

backup wordpress Really Useful Wordpress Plugins


This WordPress plugin allows bloggers to display Flickr photos on their blogs. It can be used to display the most recent uploaded photos with an easy set up using the control panel. It also allows users to display photostreams, a specific set or images from a group and it can also save the thumbnails to a server to load the images quicker.

flickrrss wordpress Really Useful Wordpress Plugins

Lightbox 2

This plugin is one of the best effects for image galleries or just displaying single images. It creates a nice way to view images in a window on the page while darkening the rest of the page. This version of lightbox is very easy to implement into a WordPress blog.

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