Responsive Websites – The future of Website Design

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is where a website will re-size itself to the size of the device that is being used to view the website on. The layout of the website will often change in order to fit within the display.

responsive example1 Responsive Websites – The future of Website Design

A good illustration of responsive design can be found at:

What are the benefits of responsive design?

The benefit of responsive design is solely for the user. A responsive website will know what size display the user is using and re-size itself accordingly. This will make the website easier to read, navigate and interact with.

It is very common to have to pinch the screen of a mobile device in order to be able to read content, navigate and view images, having a responsive website will eliminate this and give the user a much better experience while on your website.

With this is mind it is hard to state a case for not having a responsive website, especially as web browsing using mobile devices has become so popular with the emergence of smart phones and tablets over the last few years.

Good Examples of Responsive Websites

Please have a look at the below websites. To test their responsiveness resize the browser window and watch the layout accommodate the browser.

Oliver Russell –

Deren Keskin –

Spigot Design –

Forefathers (My favourite) –

Stephen Caver –

New Adventures –

Need help with responsive design?

A guide to developing using the responsive grid system can be found at:


Responsive design is the way forward, anyone who is considering having a new website or a re-design needs to make sure their site can adapt to the many devices that are now used to view websites. We all want our visitors to have a great experience when using our sites, and using a responsive layout is the best way to ensure this.

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