Tips For Launching A Website

Launching a new website can be a very daunting task. You will have many things that you would like to do but don’t have enough resources and time to complete them. Even if it seems like an arduous task, providing you keep some crucial things in mind, you can ensure a problem-free website launch.

In this article I will be sharing some tips with you on how to launch a website, which will hopefully make it easier when the time comes.

Launching A Website

Choose a scalable web server resource

Choosing a scalable web server resource will ensure that you will have the resources needed to deal with high volumes of traffic as your website grows. With metered and high availability set-ups, you have the ability to pay for just the resources that you need.

No matter how much traffic you think you will get, it’s not a bad idea to find a web solution that will scale, as they are very affordable and you only need to pay for what you use.

Social Media Accounts

Social networking is integral to a website nowadays. You should sign up to Twitter, Facebook and any other social sites you are planning to use as soon as possible.

Doing this will guarantee that you will be able to choose your preferred account name before you become known and will also give visitors to your site additional ways to communicate with you when the site goes live.

Social Media

Keep Content Ready

To save time when launching a website, it’s a good idea to have content ready to publish so that when your site is launched, you can follow it with lots of great content. This will allow you to concentrate on other activities needed at this stage of the website’s growth.

Check The Technical Details

You want to give your visitors a great user experience when you have launched your site and this means checking that everything works.

Double check everything to do with your website, making sure it displays correctly in every browser and everything functions properly. Make sure that all site wide links work and go to the correct pages. Check contact forms to make sure they work correctly and other things that visitors might interface with.

Plan Tasks For After Launch

Before launching your site, you need to have a clear idea on how you will follow through with the launch. If you are planning to launch a big site then don’t let the initial interest fade by having no plan. Before you set the site live you should know exactly how you are going to proceed straight after.

Launch On Time

You should release your website when you say you are going to whether or not you have announced a launch date. This will force you to keep on track with the website and work towards a set goal.

If you are near the day of the launch and you aren’t sure if you will have the site complete, launch it anyway providing it’s usable and looks presentable.

The good thing about websites, unlike conventional consumer products is that they can be upgraded and updated any time you want.

Contact Friends & Family About The Launch

The very first thing you should do after the launch of the site is to let all of your friends and family know about it so they will be the first people to see it.

No matter how many friends or family members you have, they should always be the first people to know about the launch of your site.

Provide Ways Of Contact

Give your visitors different ways to contact you easily when you first launch a site. Initial visitors are early adopters; they will be critical and help you find things that are wrong with the site, as well as suggesting ways to improve the site for other users.

There are several ways that users can communicate with you. These can be email, Twitter, Facebook and even a comments section if you have a blog.

These can enable you to find out what the first visitors thought about the site and what changes they would like to see in the future.

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