Top PHP Resources For Developers

PHP has become one of the most popular server side scripting languages to be used on the web, as it is easy to get into and learn. PHP is an open source scripting language, which has similar syntax to C and is one of the main reasons why it is becoming more popular with an increasing community. It is used to create interactive, dynamic and fast web applications and with many tutorials available it can be hard to find the good ones.

In this article I have listed some of the best resources to help PHP developers of all levels from beginners to advanced users, which you will hopefully find useful. If there are any you would like to suggest then please add them to your comment at the bottom of this page.

W3 Schools

W3 Schools is the home to every web programming language and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn PHP. It goes through the very basics of PHP to advanced PHP functions with a very user-friendly interface and examples to make the learning experience more exciting.

w3schools php Top PHP Resources For Developers

This site contains plenty of tutorials for beginners to advanced developers with an easy to use navigation. The site is ideal if you want to learn PHP from scratch, as all the tutorials are free and web based. Whether you have limited knowledge or no experience of PHP then this site will help you gain adequate knowledge that you can use to build web applications.

phpnet Top PHP Resources For Developers


Tizag is another good site especially aimed towards PHP beginners with easy to understand tutorials covering all aspects of PHP to get you started and is designed in an easy to use format. There are plenty of examples and demos available to help boost the learning process.

tizag php Top PHP Resources For Developers


Nettuts is a popular and well-known blog with lots of quality tutorials covering all aspects of web scripting languages. They have a dedicated section for PHP, which includes a good selection of tutorials covering forms, security and much more. Beginners and expert PHP users will find these tutorials very useful with demos and source code available.

nettuts php Top PHP Resources For Developers


Pixel2life is a tutorial site with the ability for users to register and submit their own tutorials and articles. The PHP section is packed with a wide selection of specialised tutorials covering many aspects of the PHP framework organised into easy to find sections. Users of all levels will find the tutorials useful for learning from scratch or new PHP techniques.

pixel2life php Top PHP Resources For Developers

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