Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is becoming more popular with web designers and developers but is still way behind Firefox. Firefox is popular because of the amount of plugins and addons available, which makes it more flexible for their specific requirements. But with the launch of Google Chrome extensions, Chrome has now become much more flexible for developers and designers, allowing them to use the same extensions that are available on Firefox.

In this post I will be listing some of the most useful extensions for developers and designers.

Web Developer

Web Developer was originally created for Firefox and has no been ported over to Chrome but with an improved interface. This tool has tons of options for understanding and examining web page layouts, which include displaying CSS information about elements, showing block element stacking controls and much more. Unfortunately this extension doesn’t work with the latest version of Chrome on the Mac.

chrome web developer Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Resolution Test

This extension is for testing websites in different resolutions, with the ability to add custom resolutions. This is a very useful extension for making sure that your websites still work with different monitor sizes.

chrome resolution test Useful Google Chrome Extensions

SEO Site Tools

SEO Site Tools is an extension that gives users a range of very useful tools and information for evaluating SEO on a site. It can display loads of information such as page rank, links in and out, social media information and much more.

chrome seo tools Useful Google Chrome Extensions

IE Tab

With IE Tab, developers can view any website in a tab that is running Internet Explorer inside Chrome. This means that users can see how a site will look in IE and make sure it runs correctly. This extension will only work with the Windows version of Chrome.

chrome ie tab Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Eye Dropper

With this extension, users can find out what colours are used on a website. Once the extension is installed users click the button to display the interface, then click the colour picker button and click on the site to see what colour is used. The user will then be able to see the RGB levels and HTML code of each colour.

chrome eye dropper Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Firebug Lite

This extension is one of the most popular for Firefox and allows users to view and edit the CSS and HTML on any page without having to use an external program. Firebug Lite is a scaled down version of Firebug and just includes the most essential features, and a console interface for more advanced users.

chrome firebug lite Useful Google Chrome Extensions

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