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Organic SEO is based mainly on the content of your website and refers to the natural listing of search results provided by the search engines. Google and other search engines use 'bots' to crawl a website page by page gathering information to determine which phrases are relevant and most important. The more useful your content is deemed to be by the search engines the higher it will rank and therefore perform better, driving more traffic to the site.

While there are shortcuts to the top of the search engines via pay per click advertising this is not always the best option to take. For starters this can be extremely expensive in the long run, as every single click will cost you a set amount predetermined when the ppc account is set up. Secondly organic listings receive around 75% of traffic from a typical results page, this tends to be down to the fact that ppc advertisements can look like spam which users obviously want to avoid.

Our SEO Company and Accessibility

Making sure that your website is built with accessibility in mind, has a good information architecture and coded properly will help with you rank and increase performance in searches. If you make your site easily accessible for the user as well as the search engines you stand a good chance of being ranked well across all the search engines.

Organic SEO


Rank in search engines naturally.


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Pay per click advertising through search engines.


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