PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

PPC Advertising is noticeable on the major search engines on the right side or top of each page. These are seen as sponsored listings, sponsored results or sponsored sites and are sometimes highlighted with a light beige/blue background. Pay Per Click means that when a potential customer clicks on your link you will have to pay Google each click and can be very costly as some keywords and phrases can cost as much as £3 each click.

The main advantage of Pay Per Click Advertising is that your website will be listed at the top of the major search engines almost straight away and depending on your budget, your site will stay at the top and can be extremely useful for e-commerce shops when you only have a product in stock for a short amount of time or when you have little content and your site relies on video presenters to explain your services, Organic SEO is not a viable solution. With PPC you can start off with a small number of keywords to see how effective they prove and then increase the number if it proves to be effective. Pay Per Click is a fast and easy way of getting your website up to the top of Google.

One disadvantage of PPC is that once your budget has been reached for that day or month, your site will no longer appear in the sponsored listings and it will be harder to find. Another disadvantage is that PPC is open to abuse where potential competition can repeatedly click on your sponsored listing, therefore, using up your budget but this can be prevented by using specific tools to identify where the clicks come from and how to solve it.

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