Content Management Systems

You may want more control over your new site, adding more pages and content yourself. We can build a bespoke website design to allow you to do this without any technical knowledge, using a content management system. It only takes a little bit of training over the phone to get you started, it really is that easy!

Is it right for me and my business?

A content management system allows you or any chosen members of staff to add news and articles to your site with ease. A company's website is often the first port of call for many potential clients, so it is important to continue keeping information up to date. By using a content management system you can keep your customers abreast of the latest news as it happens. However a CMS is not to be confused with an E-commerce package, under no circumstances would you be able to add products and sell through a basic content managed site.

How does it work?

You start by logging into a secure area on your website using a username and password that we will supply (you may change this password once logged in). You are then given access to a page where you can simply input text, images, links, files and other multimedia files. Once a page has been created you can then preview it to see how it looks and when you're happy with it you simply click 'publish' and it will be added to your website. For more information on optimisation friendly content visit our SEO page.

Leave it to us

For whatever reason, you may not feel confident enough to manage the content yourself. If this is the case, unlike many web design companies we allow our clients to email us content in a text document which we will then publish on the site for you.



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